Mule Days understands all the aspects RV camping! Water? Got you loaded. That good ol’ sweet Honey Pot? Got you unloaded. Needed RV parts and supplies? No problem! Mule Days and the community of Bishop work year round in earnest to have all needed amenities available for the RV’er.

Cool, Clear, Sierra Fresh Water. The Bishop Union High School Football team representatives will be available to provide potable water to RV guests beginning on Monday evening and then resume service Thursday afternoon through Sunday morning. $20 for 50 gallons and $5 for each additional 50 gallons. Payment boxes are located at the entrance to RV Lot B and E. ALL proceeds benefit the Bishop Union High School Football team. Patience on Monday is crucial as the demand for water delivery will be high. If water is a necessity by a certain time it is advised you have your tanks at least half full to be able to operate until water is delivered.

Honey Pot. Preferred Septic and Disposal are available to take care of your “honey pot” Monday through Sunday 7:00 am through 5:00 pm. $35 up to 26 ft. and $40 27 ft. and over. Cash only. Sign up at the mail box or counter space in RV Lot B space 278 right next to the first entrance closest to the fairgrounds main parking lot.

RV Parts and Accessories. Allen Outdoor at 600 S. Main St. in Bishop has all the necessary RV parts and most accessories should you find yourself in need. Friendly, knowledgeable and helpful staff. 760-873-5903.