Bishop Mule Days has a long standing tradition of opening ticket sales on February 1st each year serving customers on a first come first serve basis. Before the technology boom in years past, months ahead of the opening sales day, Mule Days fans would begin placing chairs in a line outside the front office door as line place holders for when the doors opened. The night before opening sales, eager guests and contestants would find their place in a line that stretched toward the world famous Schat’s Bakkery. Participating in the opening day sales became a rite of passage and definitely a Mule Days tradition.

Honoring the Mule Days tradition RV spaces as well as event tickets will go on sale on February 1st. Those customers who have had chairs outside the office since before Thanksgiving and those who otherwise arrive at the door will purchase RV spaces and event seating and will be most likely receive their desired space and seating. After all customers at the door have been taken care of with expert customer service, the Mule Days office staff and outstanding volunteers will organize and fill all orders in the time order received. Typically, staff will be available to make phone calls clarifying the orders received via the website, email, fax and voicemail, as well as answer the phone lines starting approximately 1:00 pm. The determined patience of a mule will be very helpful during the first day and weeks of February!

Beginning at the 2014 Mule Days 45th Anniversary event, RV’ers were given the opportunity to reserve their current 2014 RV space for 2015 with a non-refundable handling charge and 20% deposit. The benefit of pre-reservation was twofold. First, it guaranteed RV’ers they would be in the same RV space the following year, and second they would not have to travel to Bishop to be in line for opening day of sales to guarantee to receive the space they wanted. The pre-reservation program was working very well and was continued into 2015 and will again be offered at the 2016 event. Look in your RV packets upon arrival for additional information.

Last year in 2015 all water and electric RV spaces were sold out within 4 hours! Folks who wanted those spaces and were not able to purchase them were placed on a waiting list with about 25% being able to be placed in a water and electric spaces prior to the start of the event. Mule Days in conjunction with the Eastern Sierra Tri-County Fairgrounds, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, and Southern California Edison explored every possibility to offer more water and electric spaces, however all options were cost prohibitive to Mule Days as well as RV’ers attending Mule Days. RV space fees of more than $600 would have only partially offset the costs! Mule Days has 143 water and electric spaces which is a low supply for a very high demand resulting in the immediate sell out of these RV spaces. If you want to have water and electric your best bet is to be at the Mule Days office door on February 1st or be sure to have placed your order through the website, email, voicemail or fax as soon as possible after midnight. All orders, except customer orders at the door, are handled in the order received.

Wow! That was a lot of information.

The “nuts and bolts” for Mule Days RV Reservations:

  1. If I want the best chance to receive a water and electric RV space I should be at the Mule Days office at 8:00 a.m. February 1st.
  2. If I cannot be at the Mule Days office at 8:00 a.m. February 1st at the stroke of midnight I should go to the Mule Days website  or leave a voice mail message or send a fax to place my order for an RV space with water and electric. Please do not place multiple orders for the same RV space and tickets via the website, voicemail and fax as it is confusing and you will be charged for each order.
  3. If I want a specific dry camping RV space I should follow the steps outlined above in 1 and 2 to have the possibility of purchasing my desired RV space.
  4. I can and should call the Mule Days office at 760-872-4263 during the last two weeks of January to inquire about availability of specific RV spaces if I am interested in one space over another.
  5. I can call at any point after February 1st all the way through the start of the event and will most likely be able to purchase a dry camping space. Mule Days has seen a steady trend of increased RV sales the last two years. Ordering early is advised.