Has 253 dry camping spaces. 163-212 are suitable for 40’ plus ft. 213-253 up to 50’. 1-162 are hard to access and are best suited for 20’x40’.

Lots with Water and Trench hazards.  E lot is a pasture for cattle. To water this lot the rancher has put in irrigation trench’s.  Many RVers have no concerns with these trenches. Some do.  They need to be aware of these hazards when choosing. Those spaces are: 151, 159, 160, 161, 132, 133, 127, 118, 112, 113, 120, 104, 103, 71, 62, 212.Tri-County Fairgrounds

Lot E Dry Camping


Lot E RV Spaces are dry camping. RV spaces are approximately 20’x 40′ and all RVs plus tow vehicles must fit in the space. Please note on your website order or when you purchase your RV site directly from the office if you have a longer RV and Mule Days will make every effort to try and accommodate your needs, but there is not a guarantee and spaces are limited. RV spaces are sold reserved, and your space will be vacant regardless when you arrive. There will be a fresh water and a honey wagon vendor that will take care of your water and sewer needs for a fee. They can be contacted in Lot B, space 278. Fires are not permitted. Dogs are not allowed on the State Fairgrounds and must stay in your RV space. Dogs must be in a kennel, on a leash or otherwise confined to your RV space and must not pose a threat to people or livestock. Bishop has a dog park with large and small dog sections located behind and adjacent to the City Park. All Sales Final. No Refunds.

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