The rules and regulations for the 2019 Bishop Mule Days Celebration Maverick horse trailer raffle are set forth below. By purchasing a raffle ticket the purchaser agrees to be bound by these rules and regulations. The 2019 Bishop Mule Days Celebration interpretation of the rules and regulations shall be final.

The Grand Prize Drawing for the two-horse Maverick steel Horse Trailer, (approximate value $6325.00), as well as other prizes as determined by Bishop Mule Days Celebration will be conducted by Bishop Mule Days Celebration Sunday, May 26, 2019 in the Mike Booth Arena in the Tri-County Fairgrounds during the 7:00 p.m. performance. The winner need not to be present to win. The winner must be 18 years or older.

If the winner is not present when the winning ticket is drawn, Bishop Mule Days Celebration will use the information provided on the ticket stub to contact the winner. ALL ticket stubs will be held by Bishop Mule Days Celebration until the winner is contacted AND the trailer has been removed from the Tri-County Fairgrounds. Sunday night after the drawing is completed, Bishop Mule Days Celebration will make at least one attempt to contact the winner using the telephone number provided on the ticket stub. For the following three days (until the evening of Wednesday, May 29, 2019), Bishop Mule Days Celebration will continue calling that telephone number at least twice daily leaving a message if possible, and will make use of any other contact information supplied on the ticket stub. In the event that Bishop Mule days Celebration cannot contact the winner, a new winning ticket will be drawn and the initial winner will forfeit all claims to the trailer. If subsequent drawings are necessary Bishop Mule Days Celebration will follow these guidelines until a winner is successfully contacted, the requirements of these raffle rules are met, and the trailer has been removed from the Tri-Country Fairgrounds.

The chances of winning are based on how many tickets are sold, no limit has been set on ticket sales numbers.

The winner assumes all fees including any local, state and federal taxes. The winner will be responsible for transferring all vehicle registration documents within 30 days after notification of winning, and will provide any required insurance coverage. The winner will take physical possession and remove the trailer from the Tri-County Fairgrounds no later than June 21, 2019. If the winner fails to comply, Bishop Mule Days Celebration will deem the initial selection void, select another ticket and the award will be made to the holder of that ticket subject to the terms and conditions provided for in these rules.

The winner agrees that their names and/or likenesses may be disclosed to and be used by the news media and may otherwise by used by Bishop Mule Days Celebration for publicity purposes and in lists of prize winners published in area newspapers, the Mule Days website, programs, and/or other promotional media.

By entering this raffle each participant releases Bishop Mule Days Celebration and Royal T & Maverick Trailers, their officers, employees and agents from any and all liability for injuries, losses or damages of any kind caused by participating in the raffle or winning any prize or resulting from acceptance, possession, use or misuse of any prize. Prize winner may be required to sign a written agreement confirming the above described release as a condition of receiving such prize. The Trailer will be transferred to the winner AS IS, where is, and with all faults. Bishop Mule Days Celebration does not provide any guarantee or warranty, expressed or implied, in connection with the Trailer and accepts no liability or responsibility regarding the construction or condition of the Trailer or that it can be used for any particular purpose. No express warranties are given and no affirmation of Bishop Mule Days Celebration by words and/or actions will constitute a warranty.

Single tickets are $5 each, five tickets may be purchased for $20. An individual may purchase as many tickets as he or she wishes subject to availability.

Anyone 18 years of age or older may enter. Bishop Mule Days Celebration employees, staff, members of the Board of Directors and their spouses or partners and their children living in the household are excluded from participating and are not eligible to win a prize.

In order to collect his or her prize, a ticket winner must sign and deliver to Bishop Mule Days Celebration (a) a statement that he or she is at least 18 years old (b) such written information as is required by applicable tax law including his or her Social Security number (c) proof of identity to show that the person claiming the prize is the same person who is named on the winning raffle ticket and (d) the winning raffle ticket stub. The winner may be required to submit a W-2G, Form 5754 or similar tax form provided by Bishop Mule Days Celebration for tax reporting purposes.

2019 Bishop Mule Days Celebration has, by application to the State of California Office of the Attorney General, Charitable Trusts, registered pursuant to the provisions of Penal Code section 320.5. The registration is located at the Bishop Mule Days office and will be made available on request.