Everyone has stuff they may need to haul; quads, bicycles, snowmobiles, chairs for the office Super Bowl party, garden equipment, grandma’s button collection – why not look fabulously western while doing so? While everyone else will be renting U-Hauls or hitching up to boring utility trailers, the winner of the Mule Days trailer raffle will be rolling in style.

“You can haul whatever you need to,” Tyler Howell, Friends of the Fair volunteer said. “It holds a crazy amount of weight; if it can hold horses, obviously it can handle some serous weight.”

That’s right; no horse or mule is required to own a horse trailer, everyone is invited to enter the raffle for the Royal T Trailer because after all, the only thing more dashingly rouge than riding a motorcycle – is riding a motorcycle out of the Mule Days horse trailer.

This year, the horse trailer represents more than simply a raffle for a fabulous trailer. It’s going to help invest back into the fairgrounds where Mule Days fans reunite each year.

For many, coming to the Bishop Mule Days Celebration is like coming home. The sight of Mount Tom standing proudly over the Tri-County Fairgrounds, and enjoying a beautiful sunset over the Mule Days arena as the national anthem is sung has a magic all its own.

The locals feel much the same; the fairgrounds is the heart of the Bishop community, and everyone has cherished memories shared there with friends and family. For that reason, the Friends of the Fair volunteer group is working to keep the fairgrounds beautiful for generations to come, and Mule Days has teamed up with them to make help make that aspiration a reality.

“Whether Bishop is the home where you were born and raised, or it’s the home that you have in your heart, Bishop is home to whoever wants it to be, and we’re committed to keeping it that way, especially at the fairgrounds,” Howell said.

For the first time, the Friends of the Fair and Mule Days have partnered to share the proceeds from the sale of the trailer. Half of the proceeds will go to each organization, and the Friends of the Fair will be investing right back into the venue, doing projects like the recent remodel of the patio building and Berger Electric Solar Stage next to food alley.

“The mission of the Friends of the Fair is to do things like the patio building,” Howell said. “The transformation that it’s undergone is what we want to do for the whole fairgrounds, piece by piece, giving it a facelift so that events like Mule Days can keep happening for the next 50 years. We’re standing united with Mule Days in this whole effort, moving this forward for years to come.”

Tickets are available at three locations; Grocery Outlet in Bishop, which has joined the Friends of the Fair and is a Mule Days sponsor, the Mule Days Office and the Tri-County Fairgrounds. Tickets are $5 each or five tickets for $20. For more information, call the Mule Days office at (760) 872-4263, or the Tri-County Fairgrounds office at (760) 873-3588.

 Grandma’s button collection never looked so western. 

By Kristina Blüm Justice