Enjoy this video on the Packer Program from Video Mike!

Continuing on the overwhelming success of the “I Want to be a Packer” program, the Mule Days Youth Committee has once again risen to the challenges presented. The first challenge is to engage more youth in the world of mules and by extension, Mule Days. Next, it is crucial to encourage youth participation in the great outdoors, so missing in the lives of urbanized youth of today. Then put the two together – mules, the outdoors – especially in the majestic High Sierra, at Bishop’s backyard. What better way to see that country than to take a mule on a pack trip or even become a packer! The final challenge is to get youth involved at Mule Days – whether as a spectator, a competitor, or a fan.

This year the Mule Days will continue “I Want to be a Packer”! Look for more fun times, highlights include:

  • Stop by our “I Want to be a Packer” booth – get connected for all events right here! Schedules will be posted at the booth.
  • Junior Packer Arena – this will be the central location for all activities – check it out in front of the Home Economics Building near the Miller Stage, right next to the booth.
  • Events for our littlest packers including stick mule rodeos, fishing & casting lessons and the very popular clown school
  • For young packers ages 10- 15, look for the more arena events, Youth Packer workshop with a packing competition in the main arena, Packing event under the big lights in the big arena – kids will pack their mules and set up camps to commemorate the great outdoors!
  • There will be awards and gifts for competitors in all the youth events!