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A Saddle Pad that Earns All Five Stars

A great saddle pad makes all the difference on any ride, whether it’s an extended trip through the wilderness or a clock-defying barrel race. That’s why 5 Star Equine Products saddle pads are perfect for every equine. At this year’s Bishop Mule Days Celebration, five lucky Mule Days winners will leave Bishop with these top-of-the-line saddle pads, and 5 Star owner Terry Moore said he couldn’t be prouder.

“We think it’s a great event for mule owners, and we feel we have the best pad out there, whether it’s for a horse or a mule,” Moore said. “We sponsor Mule Days because we appreciate the business people who own mules give us. We’re proud to be a sponsor of Mule Days.”

Each 5 Star saddle pad is made of industrial grade felt, which is made completely of natural wool. Moore said, to his knowledge, 5 Star is the only company that makes its saddle pads entirely of this material. Furthermore, the specially made mule pads are built out of two panels to perfectly fit the natural shape of a mule’s back and raised spine.

“By making the pads out of 100 percent wool, there’s no gimmicks,” Moore said. “It’s a God-made material, and that’s all that’s in it.”

He said this felt naturally removes sweat and heat from the animal’s back better than any other material on the market. With eight pounds per square inch of protection, the pads relive pressure points while cooling the animal’s back.

Moore and his family purchased 5 Star in 2012. When he purchased the company, Moor made a promise to never compromise on quality and to continue building the finest saddle pads and cinches in the equine world. Based in the Ouachita Mountains, in Hatfield Arkansas, the 5 Star team is dedicated to producing the best products money can buy and delivering outstanding satisfaction to riders as well as equines. For Terry and his team, this commitment is a guiding passion.

To learn more about the 5 Star team and the science behind these incredible saddle pads, visit

Don’t miss the opportunity to see the best mules and riders in the world compete in the Bishop Mule Days competition as they race for the coveted title of World Champion and take home a 5 Star saddle pad. The Bishop Mule Days Celebration will take place May 23-27 at the Tri-County Fairgrounds in Bishop, California.

For more information about Mule Days, or to become a sponsor, contact the Mule Days office at (760) 872-4263.