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Bobby Kerr Shares the Heart of the Mustang

For Bobby Kerr, the American mustang represents freedom, the wild spirit of God’s creation, and the simplicity of an old-fashioned way of life – and he is bringing his award-winning Mustang Act to the Bishop Mule Days Celebration once again this year, to show the world just how amazing the American Mustang really is.

Kerr’s mustangs take everything in stride during stunt performances that involve flames, vehicles and a good ‘ol cowdog named Bert. From the saddle, Kerr tells the story of the mustang through poetry, and demonstrates expert reining, roping and cutting.

As the founder of the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame with more than 45 years of experience, Kerr knows a thing or two about horses. However his adventures with mustangs began in 2011, when he adopted two wild horses.

When Kerr went to pick up his new mustangs, one of the horses waiting to go home with him wasn’t the one he had adopted. He didn’t think much of the horse at the time, but decided to give him a chance anyway. He named the mustang Poncho, and it did not take long for Kerr to discover that Poncho was, “a gift from God.” Kerr and Poncho formed a deep bond – a bond that has taken them to the national spotlight.

The Bobby Kerr Mustang Act was the champion of the legends division at the 2012 Supreme Mustang Makeover, in which Kerr rode his mustang Maypop. That year, the act was voted fan-favorite. Kerr also is the newest recipient of the NFR’s Specialty Act of the Year award.

Part of what makes Kerr’s performances special is the strong bond he has with his horses and cowdog. His show brings awareness to the plight of the American mustang and shows the remarkable athleticism of these once wild horses. He also brings a heart-touching addition to the arena with his western poetry. Each performance is unique and shows a variety of stunts and skills. Many of Kerr’s poems can be found on his website,

Last year was Kerr’s first time coming to Bishop for Mule Days, and he was an instant crowd favorite.

The Bobby Kerr Mustang Act will be part of the arena performances during the Bishop Mule Days Celebration, which will take place May 22-27, Memorial Day weekend in Bishop, California. To learn more or to purchase tickets, call the Mule Days office at (760) 872-4263, or visit

By Kristina Blüm Justice