Special Events at Mule Days 2019

In addition to competitive events, Mule Days has many special events and activities to enhance your overall experience:

Wednesday May 22 • 5 PM • Charles Brown Auditorium
Opening Night SupperEntertainment yodeling, accordion playing Wild and Woolly Review Sourdough Slim, the last of the Vaudeville Cowboys.

Thursday May 23 • 9:30-10:15 AM • Mike Boothe Memorial Arena
School Day Show for local elementary school children
Free Show, Open to Everyone!

Thursday May 23 • 7:30 PM • Charles Brown Auditorium
Concert •  The Grammy winning classic cowboy quartet of Riders in the Sky, standing “hats and shoulder” above the rest of the purveyors of “Comedy & Western”!

Thursday May 23 • 7:30 PM • Charles Brown Auditorium
Concert Western Music Hall of Fame and Mule Days Legend Dave Stamey opening for Riders in the Sky.

Friday May 24 • All-Day • Pink Shirt Day
In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness

Friday May 24 • 4 PM • Charles Brown Auditorium
Mule Days BarbecueEntertainment Coale Johnson, an Eastern Sierra native playing “folk/rock/jazz with a subtle twang.”

Friday through Sunday • Main Arena
Majestic RomanoThe Andalusian Stallion in authentic Spanish attire completing many maneuvers asked by Felix Santana from the Young Living Barn.

Friday through Sunday • Main Arena
Jason Goodman and the Young Living Percheron HitchReturns with thrilling performances by “those big black horses”.

Saturday May 25 • All-Day • Patriot Day
In honor of past and present Military Personnel
Wear your Red, White & Blue proudly!

Saturday May 25 • 10 AM • Main Street, Bishop
Mule Days Parade

Saturday May 25 • 8:30 PM • Charles Brown Auditorium
Mule Days Country DanceEntertainment Monte Mills and the Lucky Horseshoe Band bringing traditional Western Swing to the dance floor.

Sunday May 26• 10 AM • Charles Brown Auditorium
Cowboy Church with Mule Days own Frankie “Punkintown” Smith as Pastor

One of the many special events at Mule Days!