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Hope & Fall Colors

Hello from the Eastern Sierra!

It has certainly been an interesting year. We know it’s been a while since we’ve updated you on our activities so it seemed a good time to check in. Who would have imagined what we all were in store for in this notorious year of 2020. This past month our beloved Sierra has been experiencing fires at an alarming rate. Area pack stations have had to close down early due to Forest Service complete closures of National Forests. National Parks closed and many businesses are experiencing hardships. We want you to know that here at Mule Days we remain optimistic and hopeful for the future. A bit of rain has cleared some of the worst smoke out of the Eastern Sierra and fall colors are on the way. It is a reminder that there will always be hardships and challenges, but like the mules we all love so much, we persevere and carry on. There is always hope and a brighter day ahead.

To that end we want you to know that due to some extreme budgeting and the generosity of so many fans, RV visitors, sponsors, contestants, advertisers and vendors, we are in good condition and well into planning for our 2021 event: the 51st Annual Mule Days, Take 2! Before getting ahead of ourselves, we want to remember and thank all of you who have supported us throughout this time. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Live from the Souvenir Store! 

The Souvenir team hit it out of the park this year. Buckles, t-shirts, hats and more! If you missed the deadline for ordering, do not fear! We have you covered. We ordered extra, so have a limited number of bronze buckles, colorful t-shirts and caps available. Check out our store for additional selections. To order we suggest calling or emailing the office for size and availability: or calling: 760-872-4263

Volunteers make the world go ’round!

Are you looking to contribute your time and energy to a worthy endeavor? Meet new friends? Apply your skills and talents to a community of people from all over the world who come together for a celebration of entertainment and fun every Memorial Day weekend? Then the time is now to sign up and get involved! Sign up, get appreciation, free swag, some meals, be loved and valued and most of all join a team of fun people.

We always need volunteers for every aspect of the event, from the Show to Parking teams. As well, we have re-organized and have need of Committee Chairs in the following areas:

  • Entertainment Co-Chair – the Chair organizes the entertainment for Opening Night Supper, Concert and BBQ
  • Opening Night Supper Chair – organize volunteers who set up and clean up, staff, tickets, caterer
  • Friday Night BBQ Chair – organize caterer, oversee tickets, organize set up and clean up
  • Charlie Brown Auditorium Coordinator – coordinate the numerous events and activities that take place in the Charles Brown building, work with various chairs
  • Daily Finance Count Co-Chair – having a banking background? Work with the team that balances all the reciepts
  • Motel Chair – work with director and area motels to find lodging accommodations for dignitaries and judges, requires negotiation skills!
  • RV Co-Chair – assist with set up and clean up, maintenance, check-in, hosting and coordination of drivers, parking and shuttles for RV guests
  • Ticket Booth Chair – organize POS systems, ticket sales and organize schedules of ticket sales volunteers, (broken in to Tuesday- Thursday & Friday – Sunday co-chairmanship)
  • Volunteer Chair – work with all incoming and regular volunteers to meet all needs of show/event, placement of volunteers in best locations to utilize skills, organize volunteer benefits and events (free swag and meals!)
  • Volunteer BBQ Chair – organize set up and clean up, meals, MC, communications, drinks, donations and raffles

See something that utilizes your skills and talents? Call the office today: 760-872-4263 or email: You’ll be so glad you did!