A message from Kevin Bigham, 51st (take two) Annual Bishop Mule Days Celebration, President:

It has been a tragic year for the Mule Days family. We have lost Roxanne Tallman, a former Board member and English Events Chairman, as well as some long time friends and supporters. Some were lost to time (age), others to tragedy. Those lost to us will be with us in spirit and in our hearts. In light of these hard times, I am encouraged to say we are going forward with the 2021 Mule Days Celebration. This is primarily due to our great sponsors, vendors, contestants and guests who chose to “Pay it Forward”. You have made it possible for us to move forward with this year’s 2021 Mule Days Celebration. We, with grateful hearts, thank you for your support. We do not know what the fates hold for us this coming year. Currently, we are moving forward with all outdoor events and RV space reservations. Indoor events like the concert, Opening Night Supper and BBQ are on hold for now. We are looking forward to a return to normal and your attendance at the 2021 Bishop Mule Days Celebration.

Kevin Bigham
2021 Mule Days President
RV Chairman
Bishop Mule Days Celebration

Kevin & Julie Bigham with Abby