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Map of the Fairgrounds

Scroll down to view seating and parking maps

Driving Direction Follow these simple directions:

From the North:
US 395 South
Right turn on Sierra Street
Right turn into Fairgrounds using Fair Street

From the South:
US 395 North
Left turn on Sierra Street
Right turn into Fairgrounds using Fair Street

Why not just GPS the Mule Days address, 1141 N. Main Street?

Because our office address parking lot is just a dead-end opportunity to jackknife your rig and mar your happy arrival. You cannot get to the fairgrounds from our parking lot. We know that if you’ve come from the North, you’ll have been rubber-necking the fairgrounds for quite a while and be anxious to turn in, but trust us — wait to turn in on Sierra Street. The fairground entrance is located a block off 395.

Again, DO NOT Turn into the Mule Days office parking lot. Our lot is marked with a RED hash on the map below.

The turn you want to take is circled in GREEN.

Grandstand and Concert Seating

RV Parking Lots

Click on image to view a larger map and lot specifications.

Lot A

Has 55 dry camping spaces. These are primarily, but not exclusively, handicap spaces . Vendors and VIP’s are often given preference. Proof of handicap placard required. (not required of vendors or VIP’s) Spaces 1 – 47 are 20’ x 38’. Spaces 48 – 55 are 20’ x 50’. There are some exceptions, spaces 6,7,12,13,18, 19, 24, 25, 26, can support RV up to 42’ due to the openings between the center isles that allow for easy backing.

Lot B

Lot C

RV Lots C and D for sale only to competitors. These are handled by the show secretary. C has 81 spaces. D has 159 spaces. All lots are dry camping and measure 20’ x 40’.

Lot D

Lot E

Has 253 dry camping spaces. 163-212 are suitable for 40’ plus ft. 213-253 up to 50’. 1-162 are hard to access and are best suited for 20’x36’. Lots with Water and Trench obstacles are indicated on the map. Obstacles in E lot are do to it being a pasture for cattle. To water this lot, the rancher has put in irrigation trench’s. Many RVers have no concerns with these trenches. Some do. You need to be aware of these obstacles when choosing. Those spaces are: 151, 159, 160, 161, 132, 133, 127, 118, 112, 113, 120, 104, 103, 71, 62, 212.

Lot F

Dry Spaces: 1-39, 50-62, 63-84, 91-112, 119-145, 146-173, 174-184, 221-234, 251-267.  Not available for purchase on website. Please call the office for more details about Lot F RV spaces. 760-872-4263

Regarding Barns and Stalls: Stock trailer parking and corral area camping spaces are assigned to competitors based on availability and seniority. Stock Trailer Parking and corral area camping spaces are not constructed until after all contestant corral requests have been submitted. The number of requested unshaded corrals determines how many stock trailer and corral area camping spaces can be built and the number built varies each year.

Maps & Directions