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Have you heard the ‘buzz’ about the Mule Days Celebration? It makes sense if you have, the word is spreading not only in the greater USA, but also the world! Memorial Day week each year for nearly fifty years tens of thousands of people from all over the world have descended on the Eastern Sierra community of Bishop, California for the fun, friendship and camaraderie discovered inĀ celebrating the resilient, tough, hardworking and friendly animal we call the Mule.

We truly hope you will join us this year. Come for the entire event or just a couple of days. EventĀ  packages are designed for just about any need or circumstance. If you don’t see a package to fit your needs give the friendly office team a call to have your Bishop Mule Days experience customized just for you. (760) 872-4263.

Be sure to read our FAQ while you’re here!

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