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If you are interested in attending 2023 Bishop Mule Days as a competitor, or parade exhibitor, and/or you plan to bring an equine to our Event…. All the information and documents you need are listed below.   Please print a copy of everything for yourself, especially our new Show Handbook. It is important that all attendants become familiar with the information in this document.

If you are unable to make copies, we are happy to mail copies to you.  Call or email your request to (760)-872-4263 or

Friday Trail Classes will begin at 8 a.m.

2023 Exhibitor Documents & Forms

Barns and Stall Maps

Box stall info

Box Stalls 1-88. Even number Box Stalls 2-64 face lawn and track. Odd number Box Stalls face barn road and covered stalls.

Shaded corrals 101-192 are under tin roof, open ended shelter. Corrals 201-260 are under shade cloth. Corrals 311-388 are in an enclosed barn, wide doors and tin roof.

Unshaded Corrals 415-456 are in the filed area closest to the Mule Days office. Unshaded corrals 601-644 and 701-720 are closest to Lot D Contestant RV Spaces. Dry camping only.[