Mule Days Welcomes RV’ers

Ticket reservations for the Bishop Mule Days Celebration go on sale February 1!

Be sure to order early if you have any special requests! Be sure and read these updates for detailed information about RV Site Reservations and RV Services.

If you have questions or need more information concerning RV space rentals, please do not hesitate to contact the Mule Days Office. (760) 872-4263 We look forward to seeing you at the next Bishop Mule Days Celebration!


Arrive as early as Sunday at noon. You must vacate the space by no later than 9 AM on Tuesday. Each RV space is sold only once, therefore your RV space is solely yours for the duration of the event regardless of your arrival. For special circumstances such as an RV breakdown, you may make arrangements with the fairgrounds manager to stay later.
For all RV space requests, we MUST know the length of your rig from exterior nose to tail, including the hitch and any accessory that lengthens the RV, and side to side measurement with pop-outs in the open position.
RV spaces in lots “A” are approximately 20’x36′, Lot “B” are approx, 20’x40′ with the exception of lots 201 thru 231 are 20’x50′. Lot “F” all spaces are appox, 20’x40′. Lot “E” Spaces 1 thru 162 are approx, 20’x36′.  Lots 163 thru 212 are pull through and are appox, 20’x40′. Lots 213 thru 245 are 20’x50′. All RVs plus tow vehicles must fit in the space. Most sites are dry camping without hookups. Please note on your website order or when you purchase your RV site directly from the office if you have a longer RV and Mule Days will make every effort to try and accommodate your needs, but there is not a guarantee and spaces are limited. RV spaces are sold reserved, and your space will be vacant regardless of your arrival. There will be a fresh water and a honey wagon vendor that will take care of your water and sewer needs for a fee. They can be contacted in Lot B, at the main entrance.  Fires are not permitted. Dogs are not allowed on the State Fairgrounds and must stay in your RV space. Dogs must be in a kennel, on a leash or otherwise confined to your RV space and must not pose a threat to people or livestock. Bishop has a dog park with large and small dog sections located behind and adjacent to the City Park.
We have a limited number of RV spaces with electric and water.  Sharing utilities is prohibited. When Mule Days water and electric RV spaces are sold out the following campgrounds offer hook ups:
  • Brown’s Town (760) 873-8522
  • Creekside RV Park (760) 873-4483
  • Highlands RV Park (760) 873-7616
  • Millpond Recreational Area (760) 873-5342
  • Parcher’s Resort (760) 873-4177
  • J Diamond (760) 872-7341
  • Shady Rest RV Park (760) 873-3430

Please call the office to make your reservation. 760-872-4263.

The best way to get exactly what you would like, especially for RV spaces and grandstand seating, is to be at the door on February 1st and choose for yourself from the reservation charts. February 1st is on a first come, first served basis with folks at the door being served first. You may put your chair in line ahead of time as a place holder if you plan to be at the door.  If you are ordering online or by fax it is best to write on your order exactly what you would like along with a possible second choice. If your first choice is available, your order will be filled as requested. If not, the friendly office team will follow up with a phone call and will fill your order as close as possible to your original request. Ordering early is very important if you have special requests. No refunds or exchanges on tickets or RV spaces. All sales are final.
All group orders must be mailed in the same envelope with separate order forms completed by each individual, couple or family in the group. All orders in the same envelope will be placed together, orders in separate envelopes will be placed separately. If you are ordering on the website, it is imperative one person make the group order. It is almost impossible to place latecomers with nearby seating or RV spaces with a group who has previously ordered. Please contact the Mule Days office for more detailed information if you would like to place a group order. (760) 872-4263