2017 Mule Days Bronze Buckle by Montana Silversmiths

$30.00 $22.50

Montana Silversmiths Bronze Buckle

4″ Across x 3″ Tall x .25″ Thick

The delicate artistry of the Mule Days Bronze Buckle is a staple of Montana Silversmiths. This buckle is a limited edition, so if it catches your eye, don’t wait too long to order one and make it your own. This limited-edition buckle numbers 1-1,200. Our bronze buckle is 4.0″ wide and 3.0″ high, and is composed primarily of bronze. Engraved on the back of each buckle is a brief history of Mule Days, a “Limited Edition” and the number in the collection. Be sure to partake in the Mule Days spirit by adding the 2017 Bronze Buckle to your collection


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