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Marine & Mule

Veteran’s Salute 2018 – Honoring those who Serve and have Served

Dear Active Duty Service Members and Retired Veterans,

The Bishop Mule Days Celebration would like to extend an invitation to you and your families to attend the Sunday, May 27th Evening Mule Show at 7:00pm as honored guests. The show will be an opportunity to honor and celebrate our Veterans for all they gave and continue to give. We would also like to invite all Veterans to participate in the Grand Entry and National Anthem portion of the show. It is our hope that any Veteran that would like to participate, will walk with their flag during the ceremony. If you are interested in participating, please call Marlo at 760-872-4263. Any Veteran or Active Duty Service Member along with their families who would like to attend the show, please call the Bishop Mule Days Office at 760-872-4263 for tickets to the Sunday evening performance. The Bishop Mule Days Celebration thanks you for your service.

May 27th at 7:00pm

Mike Boothe Memorial Arena

Tri-County Fairgrounds

Bishop, California